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Residential Treatment

Mississippi Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

What is Inpatient treatment?

Mississippi Inpatient Addiction Treatment involves admittance into our intimate resort-style facility where each client will reside while clinical treatment continues. Individuals will receive access to medical and mental care around the clock; day and night. Duration of residence depends on each patient’s progress and severity of their substance abuse, but patients typically remain with us anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

What Does Mississippi Inpatient Addiction Treatment Involve?

Inpatient treatment at Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center promotes structure. The treatment for each client will be different. A comprehensive assessment occurs at admittance to better understand each individual’s specific needs for treatment. We have hand picked the best professionals in the industry to create an all-inclusive plan for treatment. These plans can include any number of holistic methods.

  • Therapy
  • Physical Fitness
  • Group meetings
  • Medical Help
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Recreation
  • Specialized individual therapy
  • Process meetings and Group Therapy
  • Trauma resolution
  • Life Skills

Often times we find that environmental triggers can hinder the recovery process almost as much as substances themselves. At Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center we’ve created a safe haven; a blissful oasis for individuals seeking recovery.  Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center’s inpatient facility allows your loved one to become immersed in holistic rehabilitative services. Our establishment is staffed 24 hours with the most qualified addiction professionals in Mississippi. We believe an all-inclusive stay at our facility is essential in granting our guests the best possible environment to grow and change and succeed in recovery from substance abuse.