About Us

A relaxing retreat in beautiful Mississippi, Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is ready to help you start your new life free of  substances. Family owned and operated individual care with emphasis on family healing  sets us apart from other substance abuse services. If you’ve ever made a resolution to quit your vices, get healthy or just become a better you, this is your chance. Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is here to help you or your loved one give up what is holding you back; to treat and heal; to focus on what will push you forward and remove anything that may be hindering your journey.  By providing the following, we give our clients their best chance at successful recovery from substance abuse:

  • Intervention services
  • Smaller drug treatment, offering a more serene and intimate experience
  • Limited number of clients, allowing each individual the care they deserve
  • Trauma Therapy for those suffering from underlying causes or triggers of addiction.
  • Family Program includes loved ones in treatment and healing
  • Holistic drug treatment to heal the mind, body and spirit.
  • Recreational outings and exercises promoting general well-being
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment for those with co-occurring disorders -i.e. addiction and anxiety, alcoholism and depression, etc.
  • Personalized treatment plan for each client.
  • 24 hour access to highly trained addiction professionals
  • Specialized after-care programs promoting high success rates

Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is solely devoted to the healing and reconnecting of families and friends through the difficult circumstances brought on by addiction and substance abuse. Our main goal in treating your loved one is ensuring we restore long term health and happiness.

Our addiction professionals are on call 24 hours a day, please reach out for a free consultation.