Your Treatment Team

We are a close-knit family of dedicated professionals with a shared interest in the human experience and the healing of broken lives, homes, and relationships.

What We Do

We grow every day in experience and continued research in the field of addiction studies. As addiction professionals, we strive for excellence and understanding. We pride ourselves on delivering the best care and treatments for individuals and families hoping to recover from addiction or alcoholism.

Why We Do It

Disheartening at times, we are fighting one of the biggest monsters in the healthcare field. We show up for our clients and the people who love them. We are in this together. Let our family help yours.

The Team

Sandi Carlson, PhD, MS, CAP, ICADC
CEO/Clinical Director

With extensive educational and research background in psychology and addiction studies, Dr. Sandi Carlson opened Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment center with the hope of helping  as many individuals as possible. In 2010 Sandi attained her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and later a Master’s of Science in Counseling with a concentration in Substance Abuse from Nova Southeastern University. Recently Sandi completed her PhD program in Addiction Psychology. Dr. Carlson’s areas of research include addictive behaviors, dual diagnosis, and impulsivity as it relates to Heroin Use.

As a trained EMDR therapist and certified hypnotherapist, Sandi specializes in trauma treatment and the emphasis of trauma resolution and long term recovery. During her graduate studies, Sandi gained experience working with adolescents, adults, and families while interning at The Palm Beach Institute. As a Primary Therapist at A New Day Treatment Services, Sandi utilized her professional knowledge of residential treatment processes to clients change and grow. Dr. Carlson is continually attending conferences and staying up to date with the most innovative treatments for addiction recovery. Dr. Carlson hopes to one day find a treatment modality capable of saving individuals from drug and alcohol-related deaths.

Dr. Pamela Tambini, MD

Dr. Pamela Tambini is the Chief Medical Director for Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment center.  She is a board-certified Medical Internist; and currently studying to become a board certified Addictionologist.  In addition to her role as our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Tambini continues to practice Internal Medicine at a local hospital.

Dr. Tambini graduated at the top of her class on the Dean’s List from Medical School. Upon graduation, she was admitted into the highly selected, nationally renowned residency program at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

Since 2013, Dr. Tambini has successfully helped patients from all over the world to optimize their health through better primary and addiction medicine. Dr. Tambini focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the adult population—both acute and chronic. Her specialization in addiction medicine, prevention of the onset of disease, management of sports injuries, and optimal physical health and performance has been a great asset to Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center.

Dr. Tambini maintains an active lifestyle, Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Tambini studied pre-med and psychology. She received a full scholarship to play Division I basketball while in college and continues to be an avid CrossFit participant.

Brian Henrie, LMSW

Sixteen years of experience has taught Brian the importance of care in the field of chemical dependency. Brian currently has over eight years of experience as a Board Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor credentialed through the Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals. Brian completed his Master’s Degree in Social Work at The University of Southern Mississippi and currently holds a Master’s Licensee (LMSW). Brian feels his extensive experience working directly with clients diagnosed with mental illnesses and substance use disorders has only created a greater passion for those individuals and families suffering the consequence of drug and alcohol dependency.

Beth Roberts, CPSS, Group Facilitator

Beth is a Biloxi native,  a mother of 3, and grandmother of 2. She has 8 years in recovery from substances and is passionate about helping those who wish to attain sobriety. Beth has an Associate of Arts degree and a Human Services degree. Beth is a certified peer support specialist who is in the process of gaining her CADC.


Michael Carlson, Admissions Specialist

Over a decade of experience in addiction recovery has instilled passion in Mike, nearly unparalleled in substance abuse treatment. Mike Carlson met his wife Sandi while providing community outreach for addicts and alcoholics in South Florida. While Sandi had studied and practiced addictionology, Mike had lived it. After some near brushes with death, Mike fought to overcome his disease and learn a new way of life. With a new hope and a clear perspective, Mike knew it was his purpose to spread awareness, educate the community and help other suffering individuals find peace. Mike’s dedication to helping others is exemplified by his efforts to provide scholarships and cost-effective care to all regardless of means.