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5 Common Fears About Going to Rehab

5 Common Fears About Going to Rehab

  1. Finances “How will I afford that?!?”

    When people hear the word “rehab” they often think of expensive spa retreats for celebrities and socialites. This is a common misconception about substance abuse treatment. Many people claim they cannot afford to enter rehab, they fear that they will break the bank and be unable to live if they spend their money on getting sober. This is inaccurate. Most treatment centers accept health insurance and for those without insurance, programs like Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offer affordable treatment options and payment plans.


  1. Livelihood – “If I lose my job, then I’ll really have something to drink about.”

    If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol but has been able to maintain employment they may fear that they will lose their job. The truth is most employers are bound by the law to support an employee seeking help. By going to your designated HR person and explaining your situation, most individuals are not only able to take leave for treatment but they also maintain anonymity among their colleagues. Besides health and happiness, alcohol and drug rehab offers recovering addicts and alcoholics a better chance at livelihood. Still better, completing rehab removes the fear of losing employment due to substance abuse.



  1. Family- “I could never leave my family for that long.”

    Guess what? If you are abusing drugs and/or alcohol you have already left. Your physical presence among family means little when you are intoxicated. In most cases family members are not only supportive but relieved their loved one is seeking treatment. Recovery allows former addicts and alcoholics to truly live and enjoy their families. Entering rehab is often the step that begins the process of healing for families.


  1. Hopelessness- “It won’t work. It never has before. This is just who I am.”

    If you asked anyone who has suffered from an addiction to drugs or alcohol to describe that time period the majority of people would use the word hopeless. The very essence of this disease is having a strong desire to quit but being unable to regardless of consequences or self will. Drug and alcohol rehab is not a cure for addiction, however it is a strong place to find hope and begin the journey to sobriety. Enrolling in rehab often restores that crucial piece of hope needed for effective recovery.



  1. Getting Clean And Sober- “I’m scared of everything.”

    It is not exclusive to addicts and alcoholics, most humans fear change. We distrust new ways of life and we balk at the unknown. Getting clean and sober after years and sometimes decades of using drugs and/or alcohol is terrifying. Going to treatment may seem intimidating because it’s new. If you are considering the option of drug or alcohol treatment, chances are your current way of living is unmanageable. Embrace the new at Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Call today and find out how rehab can help you conquer your fears.

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