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Addiction And Depression: What’s The Connection?

Addiction And Depression: What’s The Connection?


“I wouldn’t have to use drugs if I wasn’t so depressed.”

Contrary to this common belief many people suffer from depression because of their drinking or drug use. It’s often difficult to decipher, which came first, the drinking and addiction or the depression? Alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates, are classified as depressants and can actually intensify the effects of depression. The use and abuse of alcohol in depressed individuals can  prolong symptoms and make it more difficult for either problem to be treated successfully.

While medications to treat depression are generally recommended, we have seen in the field of addiction recovery this is rarely enough.

If a person suffered a broken leg a doctor would give medication and recommended restricted physical activity for recovery .  This is true of treating addiction and depression. Medication alone will not suffice for recovery. If an injured person took prescribed medication and decided to run a marathon the leg would not only fail but eventually make recovery more difficult. If an addict takes anti depressants and continues to drink or use the results would be unsuccessful.


When a person is diagnosed with addiction and a co-occurring disorder such as depression they require dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis simply means that an individual suffers from two mental afflictions and therefore requires adequate treatment for both to make a full recovery.


Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is a dual diagnosis treatment facility.

We know that recovery from depression is just as essential as recovery from substance abuse. A person who is treated for depression without proper addiction treatment will remain depressed.  Progress toward recovery is not likely without treatment for depression. Abusing drugs and alcohol only intensifies and prolongs the effects of depression. Likewise treatment for addiction is futile without proper depression care. It is entirely possible for an individual to recover from substance abuse but return to addictive addiction due to their inability to cope with serious depression.

Bottom line: depression and addiction are common co-occurring disorders in many individuals.

Treatment of both illnesses is essential for a strong and lasting recovery. If you or someone you love suffers from addiction and depression it is important to find a dual diagnosis treatment center that will know how to successfully treat both issues. Call Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center today.

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