For the Families

We strive to help both the addicts and their families understand addiction

Substance abuse has hurt many individuals, but what about the devastation to the ones they love?  While a client is actively engaged in treatment they are recovering and healing but what remains of the ones they leave behind? Hurt, wreckage, and confusion can create devastation in even the closest of families. Mississippi Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is changing that for families who participate in our comprehensive family program.

Our innovative therapy process is making leaps and bounds in healing everyone suffering from the negative effects of addiction. With intensive family counseling sessions, individuals and their family members are able to process emotions and fears while learning healthy communication techniques from a trained addiction counselor. Educational groups are utilized to teach about the disease of addiction, the negative side effects and the best treatment.

Holidays in Treatment 

Now that the holidays are among us we are getting a lot of questions regarding the holidays.  Can my loved one come home for the holidays? Is there treatment during the holidays? Should we wait for treatment until after the holidays? While these are all fantastic questions, we have simple answers. Substance use disorders do not take a break for the holidays. In fact, the stresses of the holidays may actually exacerbate the disorder. As in any life or death disease, we suggest immediate treatment. Services are not stopped during the holidays, treatment will continue without break at MS-DATC. We do however, make the holidays enjoyable for everyone with us. As for passes, MS-DATC does allow passes with very strict regulation.