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Is Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Right For Me?

Is Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Right For Me?

Why Should You Consider Residential Drug Addiction Treatment?

In some cases, it is necessary to be hospitalized during recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Some drugs cause serious withdrawal effects that are dangerous outside of a medically supervised setting.

This is particularly true for people with an addiction to opiates, benzodiazepines, or large amounts of alcohol. This is also a common concern for people who are addicted to multiple drugs. Residential drug addiction treatment becomes necessary to many who are addicted.

What Happens at Residential Drug Addiction Treatment?

While at residential drug addiction treatment, you may receive medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms. These medications are available to treat addiction to many different types of drugs. Residential drug addiction treatment is highly effective at meeting the unique needs of individuals with a dual diagnosis. At Mississippi inpatient addiction treatment, those with dual diagnoses will meet with professionals who are skilled at treating both drug addiction and mental health problems.

Detoxing in a medically supervised setting is also beneficial for those who are addicted to drugs that don’t cause life threatening withdrawals. Medications may be given to ease the distressing effects of withdrawal from these substances.

Cravings to any substance tend to peak within the first month or so after quitting. This period of time is crucial for the maintenance of long term recovery. Mississippi inpatient addiction treatment can ensure that you don’t slide back into old patterns during this period.

Going to an inpatient rehab facility removes you from an environment that could trigger your addiction. In some cases, this could drastically reduce the desire to use drugs and/or drink alcohol. This is often particularly important for people who have an alcohol addiction.

In addition, you’ll receive a lot of emotional support while in rehab. This can promote recovery and prevent relapses from occurring in the future. While you are in rehab, you’ll have access to one on one counseling services. This counseling can provide you with life skills to take with you after leaving the rehab facility.

After Our Program

We also offer continued counseling after you finish the program. This can provide you with emotional support as you begin your journey of recovery, and the outpatient counseling can be very effective at preventing a relapse. Many of our patients have felt that this was one of the most important parts of their recovery.You’ll also get a chance to be part of relationship building activities while at rehab. This can ensure that you have social connections upon leaving rehab. These connections can be highly effective at preventing a relapse.

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